Thursday, June 10, 2010

$75.00 CNC Mini Mill - 3D Model

Here is a sneek peek at the 3D model of the $75.00 CNC Mini Mill Project here at CNC-Build. We have started ordering materials and will be posting on those in the future. A bill of material will also be available soon.


Build a CNC Mini Mill for less than $75.00

We will begin posting on the start of a great looking and working $75.00 CNC Mini Mill. That cost will be for the materials needed to build your mechnical machine. It does not include your electornics, stepper motors, or cutting spindle. Stay tuned as we begin posting and providing pictures to our followers.



Sunday, June 6, 2010

EMC2 Software

EMC2 CNC control software is the best. It is free and runs on a fast platform, Linux Ubuntu 8.04. EMC2 can now tested by using a live CD which you can boot to and test out both the operating system and the CNC software. I really like this software because it is free and powerful. It is comparable to the HAAS CNC controller and also takes similar programs as well. It requires a very short learning curve to get up to speed on the CNC capabilities. We have yet to explore the other capabilities of the control software. If you need the EMC2 live CD contact us, we have them available.